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I met with Bryce shortly after my husband passed away. My husband had always been my trusted advisor and I wasn't involved in that process. Because of my inexperience, I discussed my needs with Bryce. He was a good listener, asked the right questions and took notes for follow-up. I expressed my desire to channel my funds into low risk investing as I didn't want to lose what my husband had carefully built up. Bryce presented what felt like the best way to invest, but did not push for it. I rely on his expertise and feel he has my best interest at heart. Bryce is a warm, personable man who I would recommend for an advisor.


My wife and I have known Bryce since 2002 and he has been our financial planner since 2004. His attention to detail has always impressed us. The scope of financial planning that Bryce has introduced to us is all-encompassing. He brings to our attention elements that we would not have otherwise considered. Perhaps the best testament to his commitment to clients came as I approach retirement. In conversation with my pension rep, I informed him that my financial planner had directed me to take the defined benefit payable from my pensions plan as a block to build on. Many co-workers are taking a lump sum payout. His response was short at to the point, "Wow, you have a good financial planner! Most just want a cut on managing your money." Both of my sons are now clients of The Wealthy Tortoise. Thanks for putting us first, Bryce.


Bryce has helped my husband fully retire and set up a fabulous life insurance policy in a way we never imagined at our ages. He has helped us set goals and taken time to see if we have met them or what he can do to help us get there. No pressure, just love and genuine concern for our wellbeing. Personally I cannot say enough about Bryce and The Wealthy Tortoise, the man and the company are above reproach and we would not be where we are today without his guidance and help.

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