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CancerGuard from iA Excellence is a simplified issue of cancer insurance that helps ease the financial burden that can come with a life-threatening cancer diagnosis.


Cancer statistics are everywhere. You hear them every day and it can be overwhelming. But that does not mean you should ignore the facts –particularly the facts about how much a diagnosis of cancer can cost you and your family.

How Easy is it to Apply for CancerGuard?

Surprising easy!

  • No medical exams, no blood tests, and no lengthy questionnaire.

  • The fast and easy eligibility questionnaire consists of:

    • 2 questions for up to $50,000 of coverage​.

    • 2 additional questions to up your coverage to $100,000.

    • 1 additional question to reach $150,000 of coverage.

  • Eligibility from birth to age 65.

CancerGuard Advantages:

  • ​Benefit payable upon cancer diagnosis.

  • Payment to be used any way you prefer.

  • Guaranteed renewable contract up to age 75.

  • Many optional protections and riders.

  • Plans are available in terms of 10, 20 and 75.

The Cost of Cancer Diagnosis

$17,729 The average amount of lost wages if you are diagnosed with cancer and have to miss work due to the illness or treatments. (1) 

25% The percentage of lost income for caregivers who are taking time off work to be with a loved one who has been diagnosed with cancer.

44%, 27% and 26% According to a recent study, 44% of patients cope with financial hardship by tapping into their savings and investments, 27% take on debt and 26% return to work before being ready. (2)

$65K is the price of an average course of treatment for the latest drugs. (3)  Even if you have private supplemental health insurance coverage, you may require to pay 20% of the cost or you may have an annual lifetime maximum that can be quickly reached. If you have to pay 20%, that will be $13,000 out of your pocket.

23 weeks is the average gap without federal Employment Insurance program for the average treatment period for many cancers. (2) The EI benefit – 55% of your salary, up to a maximum of $543 per week as of 2017 – is only paid for 15 weeks.

First Steps in Applying for CancerGuard?

  • Call us at 403-708-7040 or email us and we can walk you through the process making it easy and straightforward - with a local office here in Calgary, we have you covered!

(1) “Estimating the National Wage Loss from Cancer in Canada.” Current Oncology 17(2): 40-49

(2) Canadian Breast Cancer Network (2010). Breast Cancer: Economic Impact and Labour Force

(3) Canadian Cancer Society (2009). Cancer Drug Access for Canadians.


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