About Bryce Medd

Bryce Medd, R.F.P., CFP, TEP  is the President of The Wealthy Tortoise Financial Group Inc. 

The Wealthy Tortoise provides fee-for-service financial planning and advisory help for small business owners (less than 50 employees) with their headquarters in the Okanagan valley.  Working closely with the company's other professionals, we generate a fully integrated picture (roadmap) for the owner(s). 

Working with and developing a team of allied professionals, we bring expertise to the table for our clients on matters that include:  life insurance, Critical Illness, income loss protection insurance, private investment management, retirement income creation, corporate legal, tax legal and accounting, trusts and business structures.

Clients come to us for all matters financially associated with wealth creation, wealth growth and wealth management.   They come to us in times of crisis and opportunity.   When a family member has created a plan (or didn’t create one at all) that has proven to be problematic, we will join the existing team or take the lead to help restore calm and bring order to the chaos. 

The Wealthy Tortoise represents our core values through our actions – the client interests are the centre of all activities – period. As a Wealthy Tortoise client, you will enjoy the rewards of confident, informed financial decisions, based on the options and advice we present.