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About Bryce Medd


Your best interests are the cornerstones of the work we do - period.


Our proprietary process works.

We start by asking questions and listening to your answers. By asking better questions, we uncover better answers. The inquiry and questions often reveal challenges and opportunities you didn't realize existed. They hide in plain sight when you know what you are looking for. 

We do. 

Thats how we help eliminate surprises and add certainty to your future.

By understanding the core values and philosophies that guide your decision-making, you empower us to begin tailoring a solution that is uniquely yours. We transform complex business structures, agreements, statements, and family dynamics into elegant solutions. Tell us what you strive to accomplish, and we'll design your bespoke roadmap. We want to empower you to live your best life. 

Decades of experience have confirmed that not everyone has a succession plan for their business, wealth and family legacy. We'll make sure you have a plan by design, not by accident.

As a Wealthy Tortoise client, the essential things to you will seem closer, with more precise focus, and more attainable than before we began working together. Whether you are dealing with crisis or opportunity, we provide a steady and responsive approach to the creation, protection and distribution of your wealth. 

We ask questions, listen carefully and collaborate. It's all about transforming your net worth statement into your vividly imagined future. 

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